Create a "Back to School" Scrapbook

What You Need:

  • A ready-made scrapbook with blank, non-lined pages OR thick pieces of 8.5" x 11" paper (like poster board, construction paper, or colored laid paper), a hole puncher, and pieces of string
  • Colored markers for designing
  • Thinner pens or a black Sharpie for writing
  • Cutouts of designs from favorite magazines and stickers
  • Photos of family, friends, and vacation spots
  • Tape
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. If you would like to create your scrapbook from scratch, hole-punch 8 to 15 different-colored pages for the inside of the book, and two thicker pages for the front and back covers. Secure the pages together with pieces of string in each hole.
  2. Brainstorm various themes for each scrapbook page, and help your child title each page with a different topic: “Favorite Quote,” “Funniest Joke,” “Best Friend,” “Favorite Vacation,” “Coolest Summer Movie,” “Greatest Idea,” are some examples. Urge your child to think of other topics that he might want to remember for later.
  3. Use an array of materials to decorate the scrapbook. Frame pages with stickers, or use magazine cutouts to design the front or back covers.
  4. When the scrapbook is finished, have your child flip through each page and write responses to each theme. He can also attach photos to pages such as Polaroids of his favorite pals under “Best Friend,” or a family snapshot in Hawaii under “Favorite Vacation.”
  5. Don’t forget to encourage your child to think of a title for the book, such as Eddie’s Favorites of 2009 or Before This School Year, I… by Adam Franklin. Make sure to include a copyright date so, in the future, you both remember when it was created.

Your child can spend several days compiling his photos and memorabilia. When he’s done, he can unveil his creation to the family at the dinner table —and then share it with his classmates at school!

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