Practice Capitalization with a Homemade Calendar

What You Need:

  • Printable calendar pages
  • Oak Tag paper or other sturdy paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Colored markers or other art materials for drawing or collage
  • Three-hole punch
  • Yarn or string

What You Do:

  1. Print out 12 copies of the printable calendar pages onto Oak Tag paper or other sturdy paper.
  2. Have your child write the name of each month on the top of each blank calendar page. Remind him to capitalize the first letter of the name of each month.
  3. Start completing one calendar page to show one month. Check the conventional calendar and give your child the day of the week the first day of the month falls on and the number of days in the month. Have him write the numbers in each box. Ask him if the days of the week begin with a capital or a lower case letter, and and have him write the days of the week above each corresponding column.
  4. Have your child write in the appropriate boxes the name of holidays and special occasions he wants to include in each month’s calendar, making sure to remind him that the first letter of each is written with a capital letter.
  5. Using the same step-by-step procedure, have your child complete the remaining calendar pages. This time have him fill in the page without your capitalization reminders. You should now have twelve calendar pages completely filled out with days of the week, dates, and holidays.
  6. Using a three-hole punch, punch the top horizontal edge of each month's page, as well as one blank piece of Oak Tag or other sturdy paper. Stack your month pages facing up, with December on the bottom and January on the top. Place the blank hole-punched paper on the top, and line up all the holes. Next, thread a piece of yarn or string through each of the three holes and tie into a sturdy bow.
  7. Open your calendar! You should have a booklet of twelve month pages with twelves blank pages above them. These can be illustrated with drawings, seasonal collages, or photos! Hang your calendar in a prominent spot and refer to it throughout the year.

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