Cross the River, Patriot!

What You Need:

  • “Cross the River” playing board (download here)
  • Pencils or washable transparency pens
  • Laminator, to laminate the playing board (optional)

What You Do:

  1. This is a game for two players. One will be a “patriot” (blue star) and one will be a “redcoat” (red asterisk star).
  2. The first player—let’s say it’s the patriot—will draw a “bridge” line between any two adjacent blue stars, either across or down, like this:
  3. Then the redcoat may connect any two adjacent red stars either across or down, like this:
  4. Neither patriot nor redcoat may draw a diagonal line (this would go through the other side’s symbolic “territory,” and neither one may draw through a line that has already been made on the board.
  5. Keep going, with patriots and redcoats alternating moves.
  6. The patriot wins if she can make a successful bridge from the top row of stars to the bottom, but the redcoat wins if she can make a bridge from the left to the right. Whoever can make their bridge and get their soldiers over to their other side, wins the game!

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