The Meaning of Thanksgiving: Full of Thankful!

What You Need:

  • A structured hat, one that holds its shape, or a jar
  • Index cards or note paper
  • Pens or something to write with

What You Do:

  1. Think of the hat or jar as a thought-collector of sorts. Find your stiffest head topper—bowler, cowboy, top hat—any hat will do as long as it's not too soft. Or use a jar that is big enough to hold a folded index card for each guest.
  2. Place it upside-down on a table in the entryway of your home and surround it with a stack of index cards and a cluster of colored pens.
  3. As each guest arrives, take their coats and point them towards the hat or jar. Ask them to write down at least one thing for which they're thankful. Younger kids may need a little bit of help, but anyone is old enough to know what makes them happy.
  4. Once everyone has finished collect the hat or jar. Then at some point during dinner, pass it around the table and have each person reach in for a card and read it aloud. Listen up. We guarantee some of the things will surprise you!

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