Make a Family Memory Jigsaw Puzzle

What You Need:

  • Large (11" x 14") family photo (or any picture blown up as large as possible)
  • Photocopy machine
  • Large piece of card stock (any color)
  • Thin tipped marker
  • White glue
  • Exacto knife or scissors
  • Large piece of cardboard (if using craft knife)

What You Do:

  1. Choose a picture that has special meaning to you. If you do not want to destroy the picture by using it to make the puzzle, you will have to make a photocopy. Using a color photocopier and enlarging it to the maximum size is the best way to create a puzzle with the most possible pieces. Color copy centers offer very inexpensive deals on enlarging copies.
  2. Apply a thin layer of glue across the entire back of your picture, then paste it to the piece of thick card stock. Make sure to smooth and press firmly on the surface of the picture to ensure that the image sticks, and that there are no air pockets. Trim the edges of the card stock to the shape and size of the picture pasted on it.
  3. Once the picture is completely dry, flip it over and draw out puzzle shapes on the card stock that will be used for the puzzle pieces.
  4. Now have an adult cut out the drawn shapes using a craft knife on a flat surface with cardboard underneath, or with a very sharp pair of scissors.
  5. Once all pieces are cut out, work on putting the puzzle back together again!

Create other puzzles following the same steps using other photos, magazine pictures, or artwork you have created. This original puzzle activity makes a great gift for any occasion or to send to a friend using a photo from a special time together. Write a message on the opposite side of the picture to a friend before cutting out shapes, and they'll receive two special surprises in one! Remember, printing photos from a home printer works just as well.

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