Make a Magnet Map

What You Need:

  • Poster board
  • Markers and crayons
  • Ruler
  • Small family photos
  • Paper clips
  • Glue
  • Chair or stool
  • Magnet

What You Do:

  1. Have your child use the ruler to draw a map of your house as seen from above on the poster board. Help your child by walking around the house together and talking about where the rooms are located in your house, and how big each room is. Encourage them to include as many details as possible such as doors, windows, and furniture.
  2. Glue a piece of sturdy cardboard to each picture of a family member that you have. Be sure to include pets. You can also include favorite toys or stuffed animals.
  3. Cut a small piece of heavy cardboard to use as the base and tape the picture to the cardboard on both sides so that it stands up like a paper doll.
  4. Glue a paperclip on the bottom of each base.
  5. Place the map on a chair or stool so that the edges hang over the sides.
  6. Have your child put the people in rooms throughout the house.
  7. Show them how to place the magnet underneath the poster board and move the people throughout the rooms of the house. Explain that the magnet attracts the paperclip and that's how you can move the doll by moving the magnet.
  8. Encourage your child to be creative and imaginative while playing with the dolls in the house. Be sure to save the map and dolls to bring out on another day!

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