Make a City Guide For Kids!

What You Need:

  • Paper and pen or computer
  • Digital camera (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Ask you child to make a list of categories where kids would love to go in your city. Examples include: Places to Eat (restaurants, ice cream parlors, candy shops), Places to Play (playgrounds, parks, arcades, swimming pools, hiking trails), Museums and Art Galleries, Stores (clothing, books, toys), Libraries (including story times and special activities), Movie Theatres, and Special Events (parades, festivals, block parties).
  2. Include a timetable of the dates of special events, and the days and times each place is open.
  3. Write down your favorite locations in each category. Have a favorite pizzeria? Place it under the Places to Eat category. Be sure to include important details such as the address, phone number, website, and hours/days that each place is open.
  4. Ask your child to write a sentence or two about why they like each place or event so much. Prompts such as, "Does your favorite ice cream shop offer the world's best chocolate sundae?" of "Do you love the events at your local library?" are helpful. Tell them to be sure to mention what makes each spot great!
  5. Get others involved by asking friends what their favorite spots are! Include their answers in the guide, too.
  6. If your family has a digital camera, take photos of each place on the list. You can print the photos and include them in the guide, or draw a picture of each place if you don't have a camera!
  7. When your child has gathered all the information for the guide, ask them to type up the information on the computer or handwrite it very neatly. Don't forget to have a parent or friend check for errors.
  8. Come up with a title, such as "City Guide for Teens" and have your child add their name as author. Don’t forget to include photos or drawings for as many entries as you can!
  9. Print copies at home, or take the handwritten booklet to a local print shop and make copies.
  10. Spread the love! Approach your Chamber of Commerce or City Welcoming Center about making your guide available to visitors or newcomers!

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