Mother's Day Coupons

What You Need:

  • Two pieces of card stock, either plain or colored
  • Mom Coupon template (download ours here!)
  • Markers
  • Hole punch
  • ¼” wide ribbon

What You Do:

  1. Start with two pieces of card stock, either plain or colored, and use two of them to print out your coupon templates.  Cut each sheet into four cards.
  2. Now use your imagination: What can children do for mom that would really make her day — not just on the holiday, but some other time too! Ideas include chores around the home — but don’t forget that hugs can go on a coupon, too! Other ideas include a family date to the movies, quality time together, or a special excursion with friends.
  3. Give children some writing practice: Fill out each coupon, adding decorations if you wish. On the back, invite children to write at least one sentence about why they really want to do this for mom. For example, if the coupon is for a trip to the library, have children write why this would be a meaningful activity for their mom. (This is a perfect time to thank mom, in vivid detail, for bestowing a love of books on her kids!)
  4. When your child has completed all eight of the cards, cut the remaining sheet of card stock into four sections. Place one on the bottom of the stack of coupons, and place the other on top to make a cover. Decorate the cover, and then put two holes along the side of the cards. Tie pieces of ribbon through each set of holes, to make two bows. 
  5. Presto! There’s nothing like a homemade gift of love to make Mom’s day—and to nurture your child’s learning while you’re at it!

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