Picasso Pumpkin

What You Need:

  • 1 small pumpkin
  • pictures of facial features cut out from magazines (noses, eyes, mouths)
  • optional: yarn and scissors
  • glue
  • 1 paintbrush
  • a clean yogurt container, styrofoam tray, or other disposable dish

What You Do:

  1. Pour some glue into the disposable container.
  2. Give your child a pumpkin and a paintbrush and let him select magazine cut-outs to make faces for the pumpkins.
  3. Show them how to brush glue on the backs of the pictures and apply to the pumpkin. Add yarn “hair” if desired.
  4. Let the pumpkin dry.
  5. Voila – near-instant Cubist Halloween masterpieces, no knives required! And while your child’s pumpkin may not end up in the Museum of Modern Art, it will certainly outlast its carved friends.

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