Bowling for Addition

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What You Need:

  • 10 assorted clean, empty plastic water or soda bottles
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Permanent marker
  • Lightweight ball (volleyball, tennis ball, etc). If you're desperate, you can use an orange or grapefruit!
  • Notepad and pen

What You Do:

  1. Cut wide bands out of the paper for each soda bottle, and number each one with different point values from 1 to 10.
  2. Wrap one strip of paper around each bottle, and have your child tape it down for you.
  3. Arrange the bottles in a triangular shape at the end of a long hallway or uncarpeted room, with one pin in the front, two behind it, three behind those and so on.
  4. Divide a page in the notepad into columns, one for each player. Write each person's name at the top of the column so that you can keep score of everybody's points.
  5. Now play! Take turns rolling the ball towards the pins and see how many you can knock over in one try! Count up the numbers on each pin that gets knocked over and recruit your child to help you keep score so he can practice his addition. Whoever gets the most points wins! Make some victory snacks to enjoy together when the game is over.
  6. If you want to make the game a little more challenging, try filling the bottles with a small amount of sand so they're harder to knock over!

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