Raft Race

What You Need:

  • Two ropes the length of the pool
  • Two rafts
  • At least four kids in the pool

What You Do:

  1. String two ropes over the water, both slightly longer than the length of the pool. Tie the ropes on either side to something secure, or if there isn't a place to tie the ropes have strong team members to hold the ropes on each side of the pool.

  2. Divide the players into two teams, then divide each team in half. Pick one leader to oversee the game (this job is great for a parent).

  3. One half of each team will stand at one end of the pool, and the other half will stand at the opposite side.

  4. Place two rafts in the water on one side of the pool, next to each rope.

  5. On the leader's signal, the first player in line from each team on the "starting" end will carefully climb onto the raft. Using the rope, they will pull themselves to the other side and climb off, "tagging" the next team member on that side to go across to the other side, and so on.

  6. The first team that gets all players to finish is the winner!

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