Write a Seasonal Alphabet Poem

What You Need:

  • Large piece of poster size paper
  • Pencil
  • Several sheets of lined paper
  • Crayons
  • Computer for final copy or spiral notebook "poetry journal" (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Begin this activity by brainstorming with your child all of the things that remind them of the season. Record their responses on the poster size paper. As you do, have them assist you in spelling the words or simply have them write them on the paper themself. (This will make it easier to write their poem later, as they will already have the words listed and spelled correctly.) Guide them to think of not only things, but also of how the weather changes during this season, what people and animals might do differently, how plants change, holidays, things they do now that they couldn’t have done in the previous season, etc. These can be single words or short phrases.
  2. Now, using this poster have your child sit with their pencil and lined paper to begin their poem. First, have them write all of the letters of the alphabet in capitals down the left side of the paper, putting one letter on each line. These will become the lines of the poem. Below is an example of several lines of a Springtime Alphabet Poem: April Bunnies Catching a Ball Days are longer Easter Flowers Growing
  3. Have them try to think of one seasonal thing or event for each letter. As mentioned earlier, this can be one word or a phrase. Assistance may be needed with letters such as Q, X or Z.
  4. Assist them in correcting any errors on the rough copy and begin a final copy. You may chose to have them recopy their poem onto another sheet of paper, in a spiral notebook to use as a poetry journal, or they can practice her computer and typing skills by typing their poem in a word processing program. Try to have them center the poem in the middle of the page in order to leave room for illustrations.
  5. After completing the final copy in whichever manner you choose, have them illustrate their poem by drawing pictures of the things they wrote!

You may chose to revisit this activity as seasons change and have them continue to add different seasonal Alphabet Poems to their poetry journal or collection.

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