Turkey Thanksgiving Place Cards

What You Need:

  • 5x8 index cards
  • glue or tape
  • ink pad (brown or orange)
  • colored pencils
  • colored markers
  • post-it notes
  • mini-muffin liners in a variety of colors, cut in half

What You Do:

  1. Fold the index cards in half so they can stand up like a tent.
  2. On post-it notes, make a list of family members who will be attending your Thanksgiving gathering.  As you write each person’s name, think aloud to remind your child when it is appropriate to use capital letters:  “Alice starts with a capital A because it's her name.” After you've made the list, check to be sure your child understood the capital letters concept. Ask them to identify a capital letter in one of the names on the list.
  3. Now have your child copy each person’s name on an index card, using colored pencils in holiday colors. Be sure to offer praise for the correct use of capital letters.
  4. At the top center of the card, have them stamp their thumbprint in brown or orange ink. The print should go right to the top edge of the card. Let the print dry.
  5. When the thumbprint is completely dry, have your child use markers to draw a circle in the middle of the print to form the turkey's face. Then have them draw eyes, a small beak, and a wattle. At the bottom of the print, they can draw skinny turkey feet.
  6. Glue half a mini muffin liner to the top center of the back of the place card so that it looks like a fan of turkey feathers peeking over the top of the card.
  7. Repeat for additional place cards, so that you have one place card for each guest. Now before your guests sit down to gobble up their dinner, they'll be welcomed to the table.

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