Indoor Christmas Games

What You Need:

  • Box of regular-sized candy canes (5" or 6" long)
  • 2 bowls of small wrapped candy
  • 2 Christmas stockings
  • 2 pairs of oversize tights or pantyhose (or 2 large cross country ski socks)

What You Do:

Candy Cane “Handshake” Relay

This is a hilarious game for a group of kids, or even for a family. The more the merrier!

  1. Take out a box of candy canes, at least 5-6” long (not the “mini” size).
  2. Line up a group of players into two straight lines.
  3. Give the first player three canes. Here’s the trick though: folks can’t hold the canes in the palms of their hands. They need to be stuck between their fingers—one between index and middle, one between middle and ring finger, and one between ring finger and pinkie!
  4. The players must pass the canes into the next player’s hand, in the same position, without using their thumbs or any other hand. You’ll be glad you’ve got some extras—boo boos do happen—but this game is also full of laughs.

Fill the Christmas Stocking

Do you have candy lovers in your house? A bunch of kids with lots of pent up energy? This game can satisfy both cravings.

  1. Take out two Christmas stockings and hang them securely against a wall.
  2. Put out two bowls with an equal number of candies in each, and one big, long-handled spoon.
  3. Players on each team must scoop candy and carry it without dropping it to fill their stocking.  There’s some strategy involved—you can try for a big scoop, but beware: if any one piece drops, you’ve got to go back and start over.
  4. Whichever team empties the bowl into its stocking first is the winner (but if everyone wants to eat the candy together afterward, we think that’s just fine, too).

Three-Legged Christmas Stocking Race

Okay, this one is just plain silly, but oh is it fun!

  1. You’ll need two pairs of oversize women’s tights or pantyhose, or two large cross country ski socks.
  2. Pair off your players, and have each team place one adjacent leg into one leg of the stocking (in other words, two legs will fill one stocking).
  3. Tie off the remaining leg so that it doesn’t trip anyone, and then take turns racing.
  4. Do beware: this can get pretty raucous when you’re inside the house, so we recommend setting up a clear route. If there’s not quite enough space for two teams to go at once, you can always have them take turns, and time them on a stopwatch!

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