Predict the Weather

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Pen/marker
  • TV

What You Do:

Day 1

Begin by watching one segment of the weather forecast together. Just listen. When the segment is complete, ask your child to write down the terms that the meteorologist used that he recognized. Ask him to write a brief definition for each term or to look up the meanings in their textbooks. Talk about each term together. Examples include low front, jet stream, humidity, and precipitation.

Day 2-Day 3

Create a chart that looks something like the following:




Predict Humidity
Actual Humidity
Predict Temp.
Actual Temp.
Predict Precip.
Actual Precip.





























Have your child make two charts, one for you and one for him. Your categories may vary based on the specific atmospheric properties your child is learning in his class. After you have created your chart, watch the weather forecast again. While watching, record the data given during the program.

Day 4-Day 5

Using the chart you created during Day 2 and Day 3, make a prediction for each category. Then watch the weather forecast and record the actual readings given by the meteorologist. How close did your predictions come to the real readings? Compare your predictions to the ones your child made to see who is the ultimate weather bug!


This activity can be continued for as many days as you like. Make a game out of it! See how accurate you can be in predicting the forecast or evaluating who can come the closest to the actual atmospheric readings. You’ll be learning important terms while spending some time together, even if it’s in front of the T.V.!

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