Adults Can Learn From Kids

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child what they think of when they hear the following statement: "Adults can learn from kids."
  2. Ask what they think adults can learn from kids.
  3. Share your own answers and examples of what you've learned from kids.
  4. Explain to your child that they will watch a TED Talk titled "What adults can learn from kids," presented by 12-year-old Adora Svitak.
  5. Show the TED Talk video.
  6. After the video, ask your child what stood out to them in the video.
  7. Tell your child to take a moment to "think outside the box." Ask, "What are some of your dreams and unique ideas?" Guide them with examples, as necessary, such as something that could help them, their community, or the world, an invention, a book, a service, etc.
  8. Read through the instructions on the Thinking Outside the Box worksheet, and guide your child to write their ideas on their oragami paper and create an origami box.

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