Autumn More or Less

What You Need:

  • Autumn-themed objects such as acorns, leaves, sweet gum balls, small pumpkins, and gourds. Include something that is deceptively heavy or light, such as the gourd
  • A postal scale or kitchen scale
  • Paper
  • Pencil

What You Do:

  1. Don’t let your child handle anything yet because some of the weights might be surprising.  Start this activity by reviewing what you’ve gathered with your child. Does your child know what everything is? If not, name the items and explain to your child what they are. 
  2. Which item does your child think is heaviest? Place that on the far left of the table. Which does your child think is the lightest? Place that on the far right. Now, help your child organize the remaining items from heavy to light. 
  3. Have your child help you zero the scale as you explain that a scale is a tool that measures weight. Now it is time to weigh the item they thought were heaviest and write down the weight, including the unit of measurement. Working from heavy to light, weigh each item and record the results.
  4. Once all of the items have been weighed, look at the numbers. Are there any surprises?  What items weighed more than your child thought they would? Which weighed less? 
  5. Help your child arrange the items across the table from heavy to light, this time working from the measurements themselves. Are the heavy items always bigger than the lighter items? Why does your child think that some things weigh more than others? 


Expand on this activity by comparing the weights of your child's favorite snacks (apples vs grapes) or any other small items.

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