Baby Food Jar Candles

What You Need:

  • Baby food jars (lids optional)
  • Glass paint OR tissue paper and white glue
  • Tissue paper
  • Paint brushes
  • A votive-sized candle

What You Do:

  1. Clean and thoroughly dry the baby food jar, ensuring that all smells and any glue from the label are removed.
  2. If your child chooses to paint: Have your child paint a design or colourful picture on the outside of the jar. For added effect, your child may wish to leave little sections or shapes unpainted so that there will be a clear glow once the candle is lit.
  3. If your child chooses to tissue paper: Have your child cut tissue paper into various different-colored strips or shapes and soak in some white glue. Then, he can stick the tissue pieces to the outside of the jar in whatever pattern or design he'd like. There's no need to layer many strips of tissue paper on top of one another — candle light shining through the thin layer of tissue will create a beautiful effect! While he is tissue papering, remind your child to keep the rim of the jar clear so the tissue paper will stay safely away from the candle's flame!
  4. Allow the jar to dry completely.
  5. Once the jar is dry, add a small votive candle inside and light to bring out the colors and designs on the outside of the jar. (This works best at night, of course!)

Safety First!

Please remember to light the candle for your child to avoid any fire or burn hazards and never leave a child alone with a candle in the room. Be sure to put out the candle when leaving the room. You can always light it again when you come back so that you and your child can enjoy it together!

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