Make Your Own Badminton Set

What You Need:

  • Two pairs of pantyhose or tights
  • Four wire hangers
  • Masking tape
  • Pair of socks

What You Do:

  1. Start by bending two of the wire hangers into a diamond shape. The base of the hanger (the end without the curved hook) will form the top of the racquet.
  2. Bend the curved hook, which will be the handle of the racquet, so that it becomes a small curved handle.
  3. Once he has formed two hangers into approximately the same shape, help him tape them together at multiple points.

  1. Have him perform steps 1–3 with the second set of hangers.
  2. Next, help him slide the pantyhose onto the wire, with the two "legs" on either side of the racquet. Pull the legs down to the wire handle, and then tie them tightly around the hooked section to create a comfy handle to hold.
  3. Cover the second set of hangers with the pantyhose, using the same technique.
  4. Now, it's time to create the "birdie," the ball of sorts that badminton is played with. Have him simply ball up one sock and stuff it into the other sock. Note: Bright colors work well, so that the "birdie" is easily visible.
  5. Help him tie the mid-point of the first sock into a knot, above the area where the first sock is stuffed. This should create a section that is around like a small ball with a knot above it:

  1. For  a refresher on badminton rules, check out a book from the library or look online. Your kid will get into this aerodynamic raquet sport in no time. Simply mark a spot on the lawn or driveway where the "net" is located, and let the players get started!

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