Santa Lucia Crown

What You Need:

  • Cloth stem wire
  • Artificial flowers in festive colors
  • Real or artificial greenery
  • Tiny battery-operated lights
  • Long white dress (optional)
  • Needle and green thread

What You Do:

  1. Measure the circumference of your child's head.
  2. Guide your child in twisting the cloth stem wire together to the appropriate length, and forming it into a circle.
  3. Have your child work the artificial greenery into the stem wire base.
  4. Twist the tiny lights into the crown and secure them with thread, making sure the battery pack is at the back so that it doesn’t show.
  5. Help your child get into character by donning the beautiful crown and a long white dress.
  6. Switch on the lights and watch as your child admires herself in the mirror!

Saint Lucia was an early Christian, at a time when followers of Christ were persecuted. She smuggled food to those in hiding. In a traditional Santa Lucia celebration, the oldest daughter plays Santa Lucia, rising early in the morning to prepare coffee and ginger snaps to serve to her still sleeping family.

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