Call to Action Family Plan

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. First, introduce this Earth Day activity to your child by telling them that they are going to research different ways that they can be better citizens of the planet. Invite your child to think about ways they already take care of the Earth. Examples may include recycling, composting, or planting seeds.
  2. Explain to your child that today they are going to create a Call to Action plan, listing ways that the entire family can better protect the earth.
  3. Once your child understands the prompt, have them start researching different ways to be environmentally conscious. Find a few kid-friendly websites (see suggestions above), and support them as they research.
  4. After your child has finished researching, have them brainstorm different ways that your family can better care for the planet. Ask them to select three of the items from their list that they want to implement in their daily life. Make sure these suggestions are feasible for your family.
  5. Next, tell your child that they are going to create a Call to Action plan for the entire family, listing the three ways that you will all make an effort to care for the planet.
  6.  Give your child a blank poster or piece of paper, and have them write a short statement about their Call to Action plan. You may suggest that your child writes about the importance of caring for the earth, or why they were inspired to make this plan.
  7. Under the statement, have your child list the three ways that the family will care for the planet.
  8. Finally, leave a space on the bottom of the plan for all of your family members to sign their names. Have your child share their plan with the entire family. After you all agree to implement the plan, sign it and place it up somewhere to be reminded of it on a daily basis.

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