Community Mobile

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child what the word "community" means to them.
  2. Read the book Community Soup, and ask your child to notice the different aspects that make up this Kenyan community.
  3. Ask, "How do the characters support each other when there is trouble?"
  4. After reading the story, ask your child again what community means to them. Ask them to connect their response to themes from the story (togetherness, sharing talents, helping each other, belonging, care, listening to all, love, freedom, respect, mindfulness).
  5. Ask your child, "How can mindfulness (paying careful attention to what is happening in the moment) be helpful in community? How does this help us?"
  6. Work with your child to complete the Creating a Community Story & Mobile worksheet. Use this as a guide when creating your child's community mobile.
  7. After creating the mobile, brainstorm with your child different ways they can bring these things into their home life and community.
  8. Ask your child some reflection questions: "Why is it important to care for others? Speak kindly to others? Hear all voices? Respect and listen to others (friends, family, teachers)? How can this help us? Help others? Help our community?"
  9. Find a place in your home with your child to hang the mobile as a reminder of the different parts of community.

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