Play This Paper Construction Game!

What You Need:

  • Construction paper (several sheets any color)
  • Non-toxic glue or glue stick
  • Scissors (optional)
  • Crayons or markers (optional)
  • Assorted pieces of paper cut or torn into small abstract shapes (paper should come from as many different sources as possible; wrapping paper, origami paper, and interesting images and patterns from newspapers, magazines, supermarket circulars, and junk mail all work beautifully for this project)

What You Do:

The first player selects one of the random paper shapes and glues it to the piece of construction paper (if your child is in elementary school or older, let her go first, if she is in preschool, you may want to get the ball rolling so she understands how to play). The second player selects a paper shape and glues it on the same sheet of construction paper. The paper shape can be stuck anywhere on the construction paper, so long as it is touching the first shape. This process is repeated until ten shapes are glued to the construction paper (if there are more than ten players, this number can be adjusted accordingly). Once all of the shapes are glued down let your child (or children) tell you what they see in the image that has been created (again, if your child is very young you may have to take the lead and make the first guess). Make sure you repeat this activity enough times so that each child playing has her own picture as a keepsake.  Once you are all finished, children may want to embellish things by drawing in some of the missing details (a rhino horn, a chimney, etc.). You will be amazed at the beautiful pieces of art you and your children are able to create!

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