Create Crazy Three-Part Creatures

What You Need:

  • Non-toxic pens, crayons, or colored pencils
  • Stack of 8½” by 11” paper

What You Do:

  1. Group three children together and pass out paper and pens (or crayons or colored pencils) to each of them.
  2. Explain that each child will be working on sections of multiple creature, and that the project will be most fun if the creatures are kept hidden until each child is finished.
  3. Direct the children to fold their paper in thirds lengthwise.
  4. Encourage each child to draw the creature's head on one-third of the paper, with the neck extending over the first fold. It is best if he tries to keep it covered from sneaky eyes. The final result will be most entertaining if the next child in line has no idea what the previous child has drawn.
  5. Have the children fold their papers over so that only the neck is visible, and ask them to pass their papers to the left.
  6. Invite the children to draw the body on the new folded papers they have been handed, with the torso extending slightly over the second fold.
  7. Ask them to fold the papers over so that the final empty section is revealed, with only the torso showing slightly. Have them pass their papers to the left.
  8. Have the children draw the lowest section of the creatures (legs and feet), onto the final sections of the papers they have been handed.
  9. Invite them to fold up their creatures and pass the papers to the left for the final time.
  10. Now for the fun part! The child who originally drew the head of the creature should again have his original drawing. Invite them all to open up their papers and view their collaborative creatures!

To extend this activity further, encourage the children to name and create stories for their oddball creatures! Elicit further creativity by asking them where a giraffe-dolphin-pig creature might live. What kind of terrain and food would it need to survive?

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