Create an Egg Carton School Bus

What You Need:

  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Yellow paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Construction paper
  • Assorted recycled household materials (like bottle caps, pieces of fabric, and so on)
  • Photograph of your child
  • Scissors
  • Glue

What You Do:

  1. Cut the lid off of the cardboard egg carton. This will be the school bus. Have your child paint the entire lid yellow.
  2. While the paint dries, discuss the different people and things your child might find on a school bus. This might include students, a driver, and backpacks, as well as parts of the bus itself, like windows, the steering wheel, and side mirrors Make a list as your child brainstorms.
  3. Help your child draw and cut out the people and items you have listed. Your child can create some items using upcycled household materials, such as a bottle cap for a steering wheel. Encourage your child to carefully consider what objects to use for each person or part of the bus. Get creative!
  4. Have your child glue the items onto different spots on the egg carton bus. If you are using an egg carton with view-holes, affix the items so that they are peeking out of the bus's "windows."
  5. Make sure your child is also on the bus Help them cut out a picture of themselves and glue it where they would like to be seated.
  6. Now that the bus is assembled, encourage your child to play with it. Remind them that not only is this toy extra meaningful because they made it, it will serve as a time capsure once they are older!

If your child will be taking a real school bus in the fall, this craft can help get them ready! Building familiarity through play will give your child a sense of comfort and connection in anticipation of the experience!

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