Create Your Own Roly Costume

What You Need:

  • Two orange store-bought costumes - one for the base, and one spare costume for fabric to use for the tail, ears, and paws (or an oversized orange sweatshirt with orange felt)
  • Stuffing for the ears, tail, and paws
  • Wire for the tail 
  • Elastic for the paws
  • Felt:
    • Stripes: about 1 yard brown felt
    • Belly & Mouth: 2 squares beige felt
    • Large 3” googly eyes (or, white and black felt)
    • Nose: light pink felt  
    • Mouth, eyebrows, and paws: black felt 
  • Hot glue gun, sewing supplies

What You Do: 

Follow these steps to create each part of Roly’s body. Then, assemble the parts to create the finished costume.


  1. Using one of the costumes, cut a 3” by 24” strip. Fold into a tube and cut one end into the curve for the tail. Turn the tail inside out and sew the tube together. Leave the non-curved end open.
  2. Turn right side out and stuff the tail.
  3. Using a crochet hook, run wire through the tail so that it can curve.  
  4. Sew the open end of the tail closed. 


  1. Cut four equal-sized triangles (approximately 4 inches wide at the bottom) out of the spare orange costume. Sew two triangles together on two sides only, inside out. 
  2. Turn right side out and stuff. Sew the bottom closed. 
  3. Repeat for second ear.


  1. Cut four 5 inch diameter circles out of the spare orange costume.
  2. Sew the paws together, inside out, leaving one end open.
  3. Stuff the paws and sew closed.
  4. Cut four claw shapes out of the brown fabric and hot glue them to the paws.
  5. Measure your child’s hand or wrist, and cut two pieces of elastic to fit.
  6. Sew the elastic onto the bottom of the paws.  Optional: Cover the elastic with orange fabric. 


  1. Measure the circumference of the base of the orange costume when it is on your child’s body.
  2. Cut an oval for the belly and a smaller oval for the mouth from beige felt.
  3. Cut two strips of brown felt for the stripes. These should be the length of the costume circumference, minus the width of the belly. Taper the ends of the strip so that they look like Roly’s stripes. 
  4. Cut a nose and mouth out of pink and black felt.
  5. Cut two eyebrows out of black felt.


Tip: Put the base orange costume over a chair and stuff it with pillows or towels to keep it round while you decide where to put all the parts and when you glue. Pin the parts before sewing or hot gluing. 

  1. Hot glue Roly’s belly to his body.
  2. Hot glue the mouth above his belly.
  3. Pin the stripes and pin the tail underneath in the back.
  4. Sew the tail underneath the stripes. 
  5. Sew the ears on either side of the opening in the costume for the head.
  6. Hot glue the googly eyes (if using) or the felt eyes and eyebrows. 
  7. Hot glue the stripes onto the body. Stripes may need a few stitches here and there to keep them in place.   

In this YouTube video , watch the Roly costume come to life with love from the staff.


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