Cross-Stitch Painting

What You Need:

  • Paint pens or markers
  • Blank note cards
  • Pencil
  • Scrap paper

What You Do:

  1. Before she gets to work, show your young crafter some examples of cross-stitching online. You can simply do a Google image search for cross-stitch.
  2. Point out that the pictures are made up of a grid of x-shaped stitches.  Some stitches are one color.  Some are another. 
  3. Now it is time for her to practice making a cross-stitch Valentine’s Day design such as a heart or a flower.  Have her make a very simple drawing and fill it in with evenly spaced x’s.  Her heart can be all one color or can be made up of both red and pink x’s.  A flower might have a center of one color and petals of another. 
  4. Once your child has practiced on some scrap paper, it is time to make a card.  Help her lightly outline her drawing on the card.
  5. Now it is time for her to “stitch” the card with color.  Although paint pens or markers will work best, she can also use crayons or even colored pencils.  Encourage her as she fills her drawing with rows of x’s. 
  6. Your child can “dress-up” her cards by outlining the pattern with a glitter pen or adding dots of glitter to look like beads.  Sequins or actual beads could also be glued to the card for an extra special look .

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