Daily Timeline

What You Need:

  • Blank index cards
  • Markers

What You Do:

  1. Label index cards with various times of the day. Make sure the times you choose are times that something important happens each day (get up, leave for school, go to piano, baseball practice, bedtime, etc.). Be sure to include “am” and “pm” so that your child has to think about whether this is 7:30 in the morning or the evening.
  2. Give the cards to your child and have him fill out the cards according to what he does at these specific times throughout his day. Let him be creative in how he fills the cards out—writing, drawing or any combination of the two.
  3. Once the cards are filled out, mix them up and then have your child arrange them in order from earliest to latest.
  4. Do the cards that he has made represent his day? If there are gaps, have him make additional cards including the times, and activities, that are most important to him.
  5. When he's done, tape the cards together to create his daily timeline.

Expand on this activity by having your child create a set of cards for each person in the family (you, Dad, a sibling, etc.). Outline each person’s cards in a different color so that you can tell at a glance who each card represents. Can you use them to create a large family timeline? Or, is it easier to make a separate timeline for each member of the family? What does each way of assembling the timeline tell you?

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