Make Days of the Week Flip Flaps

What You Need:

  • 12” x 17” paper
  • scissors
  • markers
  • calendar
  • colored pencils or markers

What You Do:

  1. Take a 12” x 17” paper and fold in half the long way “hot-dog style”.
  2. Cut six evenly spaced slits perpendicular to the fold on one half only to make seven flaps.
  3. First, write the days of the week on the top of the flap. Make sure to prompt your child in a positive tone: “What is the first day of the week on the calendar?" After she has identified all the days, ask your child to copy the words from a real calendar. Encourage proper capitalization.
  4. Next, work together to discuss and draw pictures inside each flap for special or regular things that happen on each day. Here are some questions to help you and your child brainstorm:
    • Where do you go on Mondays?
    • What do we do on Saturdays?
    • What special event happens every Sunday?
  5. Help your child to label each picture, modeling spelling and neat handwriting. Also, help your child write times, in digital format, next to each activity.
  6. When you’re finished, have your child read her flip-flap to another person so she can show off her work and share about what she is up to this week. This activity works well as a weekly routine.

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