Dinosaur Family Dynamics

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What You Need:

  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils
  • Card stock
  • Markers
  • Pencil
  • Internet
  • Scratch paper

What You Do:

  1. Have your kid get on the Internet and do some research on dinosaurs. What are some of the different theories paleontologists have come up with regarding dinosaur behavior? Were some dinosaurs more likely to congregate in herds? How did dinosaurs protect their young? He can write down notes on the scratch paper.
  2. Talk about family relationships and the different interactions that a human family might have. Ask him what some differences might be between human families and animal families. Discuss how dinosaur families may have differed.
  3. It's time to start drawing! If your kid needs a little inspiration check out these coloring pages. Ask him to illustrate story about a dinosaur family on a set of card stock cards or on different sheets of card stock. Encourage him to use what he's learned through his research when coming up with his story.
  4. While your kid is drawing, join in the fun and illustrate a story about your own dinosaur family. Use at least five different pieces of card stock.
  5. Ask your child to tell you about the dinosaur family he's drawn. Inquire about their names and ask your kid to talk about their personality traits.
  6. Then, have him tell you the story he's dreamed up.
  7. Now introduce him to your dinosaur family and share your dinosaur family story with him.
  8. After you're done telling your story, test your kid's listening skills by mixing up your story and placing the cards in front of him.
  9. Have him put the cards or sheets of card stock in order and have him tell you the story.
  10. Now it's your turn! Ask him to mix up the cards and try to put them in the correct order while retelling your kid's dinosaur family story.
  11. Put both of your stories together and see if she can make a new story using all the cards.

You can even have the whole family join in the story-making fun! Pass the card stock around and ask each person draw some dinosaur scenes. Once the illustrations are done, have your kid mix up all of the cards and record family members' ideas to create a truly wild dinosaur story.

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