DIY Luggage Tags

What You Need:

What You Do:

  1. Print the template and have your child cut out the tags. You may need to help her cut the openings.
  2. Brainstorm with your child ideas for decorating the first luggage tag. Consider things that can be made from basic shapes. A circle can become polka dots or a smiley face. A diamond can be a kite. Football shapes can be eyes or flower petals.
  3. Time to cut out the felt! Place the printed tag templates over the felt and let your child cut them out. Don't forget to cut out additional pieces of felt for decoration.
  4. Help her sew her decorative shapes onto Tag 1 using the embroidery thread.
  5. Look at the pattern for Tag 2. Three sides have arrows pointing to them. Sew Tags 1 and 2 together along these three sides.
  6. Trim the plastic name tag shield as needed to create the “window." Place the plastic name tag shield into the pocket between the tags.
  7. To hang the tag from a suitcase handle, slip the main body of the tag through the cut out in long portion of the tag.

Luggage tags also make good reminders when hung on a school back pack. Instead of identification information, your child can have a list of things that she needs to bring home every day.  

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