Make a Seuss Sleep Book with Nonsense Creatures!

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Markers or crayons
  • Glue
  • Cereal box
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch

Before You Start: For this activity, you and your child will create at least 10 nonsense creatures. Each nonsense creature you come up with should have characteristics of two other real-life animals. For example, let’s say your first nonsense creature is part bat and part sea otter. Sea otters sleep floating on the water, often holding paws so they don’t float away from each other, while bats sleep upside-down during the day while grasping something with their feet. What do you think a creature that’s part bat and part otter would do to sleep? What would it look like?

Suggested animal combinations to use for nonsense creatures: bat/sea otter, wild turkey/black bear, horse/rabbit, mouse/elephant, walrus/duck, hippopotamus/domestic cat, penguin/orangutan, tree frogs/kangaroo, red fox/deer, and rhinoceros/chimpanzee. You can do some research with your child in books and online to find out how different animals sleep. Don't forget to come up with silly names for each of your nonsense creatures!

What You Do:

  1. Once you and your child have come up with your nonsense creatures, decide how big the pages of your sleep book will be. Your book can be as big or as small as you like. Depending on the size you would like your book to be, you may need to do some cutting. Make sure you have at least 10 pages for your book—one for each nonsense creature.
  2. On each page, have your kid write out the description of one nonsense animal and then have her draw an illustration of it. Don't be afraid to be silly!
  3. After she has finished all of her pages with her nonsense creatures, it's time to make a cover page! Help your child cute out a book cover from the cereal box. Then, glue construction paper to the outside and ask your child decorate her cover.
  4. Put your book together by placing the pages inside the book cover in the order that you would like. Then punch two holes through the edge of the book cover and the aligned pages. A grown-up might need to help with this part!
  5. Help your child thread ribbon through the holes and tie it securely to keep the book together and the pages in place.
  6. When you're all done, have your child read through her book and enjoy her nonsensical masterpiece!

This activity encourages creative thinking and helps build your child's descriptive skills. More importantly, this Seuss-inspired activity celebrates silliness and all that it has to offer!

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