Play the Bill of Rights Drawing Game

What You Need:

  • Copy of the Bill of Rights (you can download one online)
  • Pencil
  • Paper

What You Do:

  1. Read the Bill of Rights with your child, then discuss what it means. What is it, and why is it important?
  2. Make a "cheat sheet” that lists the rights within each amendment.
  3. Have the first player pick a right from the cheat sheet (without telling the other person what he picked), then draw a representation of their chosen right using the pencil and paper.
  4. As the first player draws, have the second player try to guess which right the first player is illustrating. Have the guessing players refer to the cheat sheet if they have difficulty guessing.
  5. Once the right has been guessed, have the players switch roles and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  6. Have the players continue playing, switching roles after each round, until all the rights have been drawn. Remember to keep score!
  7. At the end of the game, add up each player's score to see who won!

To increase the difficulty of the game, try recalling the amendments from memory instead of using the cheat sheet or imposing a time limit.

This game is fun for the whole family! Break up into teams and see who knows the Bill of Rights best!

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