Elbow Tag

What You Need:

  • A group of kids

What You Do:

  1. Have the players pair off.
  2. Encourage every pair but one link arms.
  3. Of the two without arms linked, one is “It” and the other is the person “It” is going to chase.
  4. Yell out "Go" and watch as the pairs start to run!
  5. The child whom “It” is chasing tries to hook onto one of the linked pairs.
  6. If he manages to link his elbow with someone else’s he and the child he’s linked with become a new pair; and the child on the opposite side of them is set free to become the child being chased.
  7. If the player who's “It” tags the child being chased before she can link with someone, she and “It” reverse roles.
  8. Keep the game going until the kids are all worn out.

 If you play this one with the children, you’ll burn calories and get your quota of physical activity, too!

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