Exploration of Talents

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to brainstorm all of the talents they have (e.g. soccer, drawing, reading, whistling, being a good friend, taking care of pets).
  2. Have a short talent show where you and your child show some of your talents to each other.
  3. Ask your child if there is a talent that they have always wanted to try or explore. If they can't think of any, ask them what they really love to do, and make a list of these things.
  4. Work with your child to complete the Exploration of Hidden Gems and Talents worksheet, in which they will draw pictures and write about the talents they would like to explore. As your child completes the worksheet, consider filling out a copy for yourself. Then, you can talk with your child about any hidden talents that you would each like to explore.
  5. Make a plan with your child to explore these talents and hidden gems.

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