Family Flash Cards

What You Need:

  • Printed photos of individual family members (it works best to use photos printed on photo paper instead of regular printer paper)
  • Clear strapping tape
  • Scissors
  • Permanent marker

What You Do:

  1. Help your child cut each photo to about the size of a playing card, with the family member centered in the middle. If some of your photos have more than one family member in them, cut out each person separately or pick just one person to cut out.
  2. Strengthen each photo by covering the front and back with strapping tape.
  3. Trim the excess tape with scissors.
  4. Have him write each person's name on the back of the photos with a permanent marker (that way, even people who don't know everyone featured on the cards can play).
  5. Collect the cards and find a comfy place to sit. Hold up each card and ask him to name the person in the picture.
  6. Once you've gone through all the cards, hand the set to him and let him have fun with them! Encourage him to find differrent ways to organize and sort the cards, such as by gender, by where they live (near or far), or even by hair color.
  7. Once he's done playing with them, keep his flash cards together by placing a rubber band around them or storing them in an envelope.

Keep adding cards to the “deck” and create a family keepsake to treasure for years.

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