Finding Gold

What You Need:

  • Yellow construction paper
  • Gold glitter
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clear contact paper or laminator (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Use the bottom of a cup to trace circles on yellow construction paper.
  2. Draw enough circles for each child to find 5 pieces of gold.
  3. Cover each circle with gold glitter.
  4. Set the circles aside to dry overnight.
  5. Optional: To help protect gold pieces, you may laminate or cover them with clear contact paper.
  6. While your child is away or sleeping, hide all of the gold pieces. 
  7. When you're finished, invite your kid to search for the gold.
  8. If you're playing with more than one child, encourage them to share in the gold-gathering to assure everyone finds several pieces of gold.
  9. After finding all the gold, your child can count his gold pieces to see how many he's found.

If you're playing with a group:

Challenge the children to add up all of their pieces to see how many they've found all together.

If you're playing with older children:

Another version of this game for older children could involve pieces of different colors. Each color should be assigned a different amount. For example, all the green pieces could be worth nine and all the red pieces worth three. The children would then add up different values to see how much money they collected. Also, you could let the children take turns hiding the gold.

If the weather is nice, this can be a great outdoor activity!

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