Fingerprint Heart

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Ink pad
  • Fingers
  • Glue
  • Glitter

What You Do:

  1. Hand your child a piece of paper and a pencil.
  2. Using the pencil, have your child draw the shape of a heart on the piece of paper.
  3. Pull out two ink pads, each with different colored ink in them, and hand them to your child. If you can’t get your hands on any ink, consider using two different colors of paint instead.
  4. First, have your child press the thumb of their right hand into one of the ink pads.
  5. Instruct your child to leave evenly-spaced thumbprints all along the outline of the right side of the heart.
  6. Then, have your child press their index finger into the second ink pad.
  7. In between the spaces where your child left thumbprints, have them leave fingerprints along the outline of the heart.
  8. Instruct your child to fill in the heart using all the rest of the fingers on their right hand and remind them to alternate between their two color choices. Your child may have to wash their hands a few times throughout this activity in order to keep the alternating color pattern clean.
  9. Have your child continue to leave their fingerprints until the right side has been completely filled in.
  10. Have your child repeat steps 4-9 with their left hand to complete the left side of the heart.
  11. Once completely filled in, hand your child the glue and have them dab a few dots of glue in the middle of all of the fingerprints of the same color.
  12. Have your child sprinkle glitter on the heart.
  13. Once done, repeat steps 11 and 12 for the fingerprints of the other color using a different color glitter. Allow to dry.
  14. Once dry, carefully tilt the paper so any remaining glitter can slide off. Try to do this over a garbage can! 
  15. Talk with your child about what they would like to do with the project. 

Your child now has a nifty heart to hang up or give to a loved one!

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