Fox in Socks-Inspired Tongue Twister Contest

What You Need:

  • A copy of Fox in Socks
  • Pencil
  • Paper

What You Do:

  1. Assign each family member a word or phrase from Fox in Socks.
  2. Give everyone a few minutes to write up a tongue twister that incorporates their assigned word or phrase.
  3. After everyone has come up with a tongue twister, invite the whole family to sit in a circle, but make sure you keep your tongue twister a secret.
  4. Pick one player to begin (perhaps the player with the coolest socks!) and have that player recite his tongue twister.
  5. Continue clockwise around the circle, each person reciting player one’s tongue twister until you come back to player one. If anyone hesitates or repeats the twister incorrectly, that player is out!
  6. The next step is to speed things up! Go around 4 more times saying player one’s tongue twister, speeding up each time you go around the circle.
  7. Once you're done, write down how many people got out from player one’s tongue twister.
  8. Bring all the players who got out back into the game and repeat start all over again with a new player! Continue until each player’s tongue twister has had a chance to tie everyone's tongues up! Keep track of how many people get out for each tongue twister.
  9. The player that gets the most people out with their tongue twisting prose wins! The best tongue twister is the one that ties up the most tongues!

The more the merrier with this game! Invite friends and family to join in the tongue twisting fun to celebrate Dr. Seuss and help build those vocabulary skills while you're at it!

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