Furry Gloves

What You Need:

  • Pair of stretchy gloves
  • Ball of fur yarn
  • Thick plastic craft needle
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to experiment and decide what color gloves and fur she'd like to match together, then place a glove on a flat surface. Teach your child how to use her body as a measuring device by stratching the yarn across the length of her arm and cutting it to that length.
  2. Roll the end of the yarn together so that it can go through the eye of the needle, then draw the yarn through the needle it reaches the middle.
  3. Have your child to tie the ends of the yarn together.
  4. Roll the bottom edge of the glove over a little so that you can see the inside. Place the needle inside the glove at the top of the wrist area, and push it through to the outside of the glove. Pull the entire length of yarn through, then tug on it gently to make sure that the thread is secure.
  5. Pull the needle toward you. You're going to make one normal sewing stitch to secure the yarn. Find the bottom of the wrist part of the glove. This is a few inches below the area where the needle came out. Push the needle through from the top to the bottom of the glove.
  6. Now you're ready to sew around the entire glove! Pull the yarn from the bottom to the top of the wrist part of the glove, and push the needle into the top of the wrist part. You'll have a stitch of yarn that stays on top of the wrist. In this project, you want your stitches to show. That's what makes your gloves look fancy!
  7. Now the needle is inside the glove again. Pull it to the outside, to the bottom of the wrist part of the glove. Move the needle over a quarter of an inch, so that you're not stitching in the same spot as before. Once again, pull the yarn from the bottom of the wrist to the top and secure the stitch by pushing the needle into the top. You've made your second full stitch.
  8. Let your sewing needle fly! Stitch around the glove, moving the needle a quarter of an inch each time. If you want thick fur, use one hand to stretch out the bottom of the glove as you go. When it bounces back into place, the fun fur will be thick and you won't be able to see the stitches. If you run out of yarn, don't fear! Just thread the needle again and attach the yarn to the glove using the process in Step 5.
  9. When you've gone all the way around the glove, secure the thread by moving the needle from the bottom to the top of the glove in one place, drawing the yarn through the same area again and again to knot it. Cut the yarn, and try on your new glove!

Repeat with the other glove, and enjoy your new stylish winter gear!

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