Egg Carton Garden

What You Need:

  • Vegetable or flower seeds
  • Gardening soil
  • Paper egg carton
  • Water

What You Do:

  1. Remove the lid from the egg carton.
  2. Fill each section about ¾ full with gardening soil. Check with your local nursery to determine which variety is appropriate for the types of plants you want to grow.
  3. Place the seeds in the soil according to the package directions.
  4. Place the egg carton in a location with plenty of natural light and water the seeds regularly according to the care directions listed on the seed package.

Your child will delight in watching her miniature container garden grow. Once the seedlings have developed, transplanting them to your garden or to larger pots is a snap—just cut the egg carton sections apart and place the entire piece, egg carton and all, in the ground. The egg carton will disintegrate and your plants will continue to grow!

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