Famous African-Americans in History

What You Need:

  • Online resources about African-Americans
  • Pencil
  • Printed copy of this quiz and the answer key (download here)

What You Do:

  1. Encourage your child to peruse some online resources about African-American history.
  2. Challenge him to find the correct answer to each matching quiz and write the corresponding letter in the blank next to each sentence. He should do this without peeking at the answer key and see how many he gets right.
  3. If at any time your child isn’t sure of the correct answer, the easiest thing for him to do is use the computer to either conduct a query on a search engine or to refer to a book source.
  4. Once he's done, let your child correct his work and see how well he did. Keep in mind that it's more important for your child to go through the learning process of answering these questions and researching information independently than to obtain a perfect score on the quiz.
  5. Just for fun, ask your child who, out of all the individuals spotlighted in this quiz, is his favorite. By whom is he most fascinated? To whom can he relate the most? Encourage him to find additional online resources so that he can learn a little bit more about the person who's piqued his interest.

Create your own matching quiz tailored to suit your child’s learning needs or appeal to his interests. For example, if your child is a sports fanatic, create a quiz that's focused on famous African-American athletes. Or, if your child is studying the Civil Rights Movement and could use a little extra practice at home, then fashion your quiz accordingly.

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