Make Gummy Worm Ice Cubes

What You Need:

  • Ice cube tray
  • Filtered water
  • Bag of gummy worms


What You Do:

1. Help your child place one gummy worm into each section of the cube tray. As each gummy worm gets added, ask your child to count how many there are in all. 

2. Fill the tray with cold water together. This is a perfect project for youngsters because things don’t have to be exact. Each gummy worm can be situated in a different position, in a little less or a little more water.


3. Talk to your child about the difference between liquids and solids. Ask: What do you think will happen when you put the tray in the freezer? Will the gummies prevent the water from turning into ice? Will it remain a liquid, turn into a solid, or something in between? Ask for your child to make a guess, or hypothesis, then put the tray in the freezer. 


4. When the ice cubes are ready, inspect them together and discuss the results. Did the experiment turn out how she expected? Help your child put the ice cubes into a favorite beverage and watch as the ice cube melts, revealing a yummy gummy worm swimming around in the drink.

Make extra gummy worm ice cubes for your next party and let the spooky fun begin!

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