Halloween Bat Decoration

What You Need:

  • Black construction paper
  • Clothespins
  • Google eyes
  • White crayon
  • Glue
  • Scissors

What You Do:

  1. Help your kindergartener cut a piece of black paper slightly bigger than the clothespin. Let him glue it to the front of the clothespin. Set aside to dry.
  2. Use a white crayon to draw a set of bat wings about six inches across on black paper. Let your little one cut out the wings. Remind him to keep both of his “thumbs up” while cutting. His hand holding the scissors should have his thumb up, as well as his “helping hand” holding the paper. Help your child learn to hold his scissors correctly from the beginning. Scissor skills are an important component of kindergarten readiness.
  3. Have your kindergartener glue the bat wings to the front of the clothespin, on top of the piece of paper you already attached to the clothespin. Place the wings low enough on the clothespin so about a ½ inch of the covered clothespin is visible at the top. This will be the bat’s head.
  4. Let your child glue google eyes to the bat’s head. If you do not have google eyes available, your child could draw eyes using the white crayon.
  5. Your finished bats are ready to hang around the house. Use the clothespin to attach them to any thin surface, or consider gluing a magnet to the back of the clothespin to make a refrigerator magnet.

Bats are nocturnal—they sleep during the day and are awake at night. Talk to your child about the definition of nocturnal. What other animals are nocturnal? After the sun sets, cuddle up with your child, blankets, and a flashlight. Read stories about nocturnal animals, make shadow puppets, and snuggle. It’s fun to be nocturnal when you’re cuddled up with the ones you love!

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