Healthy Relationships With Each Other and With the Earth

What you need:

What you do:

  1. Ask your child, "What do you love about the Earth?"
  2. Ask, "In what ways do we rely on the Earth?"
  3. Play the first part of the "Falling in Love with the Earth" video (until 4:30).
  4. Ask, "What stood out for you in the video? How are we connected to the Earth? How can we remember to stay connected to each other? How can we remember to stay connected to the Earth?"
  5. Go outside to a quiet place (if possible) and bring your candle.
  6. Review the Love Letter to the Earth worksheet with your child.
  7. Ask your child to become still, close their eyes if they would like, and to take a few deep breaths.
  8. Ask them to feel the gentle breeze on their skin.
  9. Guide them to listen to the birds (pause)...listen to the trees (pause)...listen to the ground (the wind in the grass or insects).
  10. Ask them to place their hands on their hearts and to picture the Earth in their minds.
  11. Invite them to say in their mind, "May the Earth be healthy. May the Earth be cared for. May the Earth be loved."
  12. Ask them to take a few deep breaths and to slowly open their eyes to take in the trees, colors, and space around them.
  13. Ask them to notice the love around them (in how the Earth gives or provides, in the birds and their song).
  14. Ask, "What do you notice? How do you feel?"
  15. Together, use the Lover Letter to the Earth worksheet to write letters.
  16. With your child, light a candle.
  17. Read your love letters out loud to the Earth.
  18. Optional: Burn your letters together in the candle flame and place the letters inside the fireproof bowl, almost as if you are sending your message out to the Earth.

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