Heart to Heart

What You Need:


What You Do:

  1. Ask your child what they think the word "heartfulness" means. 
  2. Show them the book Dynomike: What is Heartfulness? by Frankie Rabbit.
  3. Read through the book and pause at different times to ask some questions and check for your child's understanding.
  4. After reading the book, ask your child what the main character did when he felt worried. How did this make him feel? What happened when he practiced heartfulness?
  5. Guide your child through a heartfulness practice session: Ask them to sit in a mindful body, and to close their eyes or look down. Then, ask them to place their hand on their heart and to notice their breath at their chest.
  6. Guide them to think of a person or animal whom they love and appreciate. Ask what they appreciate about them (e.g. their smile, kindness, sense of humor, etc.).
  7. Guide your child to send kind wishes to this person or animal in their mind by saying, "May you be happy...(Pause.) May you feel loved...(Pause.) May you be healthy...(Pause). May you feel peace...(Pause)."
  8. Ask your child what they notice. What was their experience like? Would they like to share who they sent kind wishes to?
  9. Have your child complete the Heart to Heart worksheet and make a bracelet for a loved one.

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