Hidden Objects

What You Need:

  • 5 tube socks
  • 5 clothes pins
  • Noisy object
  • Smelly object
  • Cold object
  • Bumpy object
  • Soft object

What You Do:

  1. Gather up your hidden objects. Get creative! You want your young scientist to use her senses to solve this science game. When you're determining what noisy, smelly, cold, bumpy and soft object to use, try to pick things you know she'll be able to guess. An ice pack would make a fun cold object, for example, and a stuffed animal might be a familiar soft object.
  2. Place each object inside a tube sock.
  3. Clamp each sock shut with a clothes pin.
  4. Lay the five socks on a flat surface.
  5. Call your child to the room.
  6. Tell her that she will be playing a science guessing game. She'll have to use her senses -- just like a real scientist -- to guess what each secret object is.
  7. Let your child pick up and study each sock. Encourage her to use her fingers to poke, to use her ears to listen and to use her nose to smell.
  8. After she has studied each sock, have her make her official guesses. Make sure you have her explain exactly why she guesses what she does. 
  9. Help her open each sock to reveal the hidden objects. Did she get them all right?

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