Historical Quotes

What You Need:

  • Poster board (at least 11" x 17")
  • Internet access
  • Paper
  • Pencil 
  • Coloring utencils
  • Paint (optional)
  • Magazines (optional)
  • Scissors  (optional)
  • Glue stick (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Ask your child to do some research on the Internet and, using the pencil and paper, make a list of ten quotes that speak to her. Have her pick out her favorite of the ten. Inquire as to what this particular quote means to your child and what she thinks the speaker was trying to communicate through the quote. Was it used to inspire good, create change, or question the status quo?
  2. Have her tell you what images come to mind when she hears the quote.
  3. Tell her to begin by using a pencil to write the quote in the center of the poster board.
  4. Encourage her to try to visually represent the quote by cutting out pictures from a magazine to create a collage, or simply by painting or drawing images she associates with the quote.

Go Further:

Create visual quotes with friends. Encourage your kid to gather her friends with the purpose of sharing their favorite quotes. Then visually represent them and figure out a way to piece them together to create one grandiose and inspiring piece of art.

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