Hop On Those Spelling Words!

What You Need:

  • Masking tape(indoor)or sidewalk chalk (outdoor)
  • Marker
  • Large index cards
  • Manila envelope to hold cards
  • 1” cube block or similar object

What You Do:

  1. If you would like to play outside, simply make a hopscotch grid on your sidewalk or driveway. For indoor play, use masking tape on the floor. Make the squares about 10” on each side. Make a numeral in each box using either the chalk or the tape.
  2. Use a marker to write a spelling word or other reading/vocabulary words that they've been practicing either at home or school on the index cards. (These words can be color or number words, easy to read sight words or short vowel words such as cat, dog, sun, etc. These choices are obviously dependent upon your child’s reading level or ability.
  3. Place the cards in a manilla envelope for storage. Place a 1” block or similar object in the envelope as well. This block/object will be used to throw on the hopscotch grid when playing the game.

Game Directions:

  1. You may play the game with a partner or they may play alone with your assistance. One person will play hopscotch with the block and the other will hold the cards for the first player to read/spell.
  2. Play the game as you would regular hopscotch. Begin the game by trying to throw the block into the first box. Hop on one foot into each of the hopscotch boxes, skipping over the box with the block in it. On the way back, your partner/parent will show/read you a reading/spelling word card. You must either read or spell the word on that card before you can pick up the block.
  3. If you miss the word, you lose your turn and must switch places with your partner.  If you read/spell the word correctly, pick up the block and hop back to the beginning of the hopscotch grid.
  4. Take another turn, throwing the block into box number 2 or the next box.  The first player to throw the block into each box, jump through the grid and read/spell the word cards correctly is the winner. If they are playing alone and you are showing them the cards, they are the winner when they have completed the hopscotch grid and read/spelled all words correctly.

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