Juice Box Police Radio

What You Need:

  • Used juice box that is completely empty
  • Dark-colored construction paper
  • Light-colored construction paper
  • Large straw
  • Tape
  • Marker
  • Glue

What You Do:

  1. Using tape, wrap the juice box with the dark construction paper just like a gift. Be sure to make note of where the straw enters the juice box; you'll be using it again.
  2. Have your child cut some light-colored construction paper into circles and squares that will go on the radio.
  3. Glue these shapes to the box to make buttons.
  4. Draw numbers on the circles, like a volume or channel dial, and be creative!
  5. Poke the straw through the paper and into the juice box.
  6. Secure the straw with a small piece of tape.

Here are some common “10” codes used by police. Your child will love the opportunity to speak just like a police officer!

10-4 Acknowledged or “yes”

10-6 Busy

10-7 Out of service

10-8 In service

10-9 Repeat

10-21 Telephone call

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